NBA Playoffs: Can Premier Pelicans Trio Slow Splash Bros? – (Big Easy Believer)

Drew Brees -

Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, more commonly known as the “Splash Brothers”,  have become arguably the most dynamic duo in basketball. The attention is more than well deserved: Curry and Thompson finished first and second respectively in 3 pointers made for the past two seasons, and in the year before last they ranked first and …

Rounding up the Rivers trade rumors

Not to be outdone by their baseball counterpart, the San Diego Chargers are making headlines this offseason and their quarterback is at the dead center. The Chargers are in the midst of a franchise-altering battle with San Diego. The problem is fairly simple: They want a new stadium, the city doesn’t want to give it ..

Why we love the NFL draft

By TY SchalterThe NFL draft was once a nerdy little satellite of football: A lonely, barren moon upon which asthmatic, bespectacled geeks pored over magazines and spiral notebooks, newspapers and mail-order draft guides. Once a year, all the rough-and-tumble Real Fans would pour in from the big… Click to read the original NFL Huddle article by FOX ..