Raider fans found clever way to repurpose their Antonio Brown jerseys – Yardbarker

Those Oakland Raiders enthusiasts who were unfortunate enough to invest in Antonio Brown jerseys are determined not to let their money go to waste. Images surfaced on Twitter this weekend of Raider fans who found a clever way to recycle their now-obsolete No. 84 Brown jerseys. By simply covering up certain portions of the number 4 with either duct tape or Sharpie, voila, they had themselves a jersey of Raiders legend Tim Brown, who wore No. 81. No. 81 Brown, the nine-time Pro Bowl wide receiver, played for the Raiders for 16 seasons and made the Pro Football Hall of Fame, meaning it’s probably safe to say that he is the more popular one of the two in Oakland these days. As for No. 84 Brown, he does already have fresh merch with his new team for whatever that’s worth.

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