Steelers are forever also-rans to Tom Brady's Patriots – Yardbarker

They say one shouldn’t judge too much from Week 1 games, that teams can survive brutal defeat and rally for greatness. Indeed, some have looked lost in the regular season’s opening week and even gone on to win the Super Bowl, the 2014 Patriots being the most recent example. If you’re a Steelers fan, that seemingly benign stat strikes a haunting tone. With the Patriots, all things are possible. Somehow circumstances weave themselves to deliver Antonio Brown to their clutches, even after the Steelers worked assiduously to ensure that wouldn’t happen when they traded him in the spring. To Pittsburgh, New England is the white whale — elusive, frustrating and worthy of obsession. For the Steelers, their three conference championship game losses to the Patriots since 2001 are just the tip of the iceberg.  Even when the Steelers do get the better of the Patriots, and it’s not often, the Patriots find a way to undo it. Pittsburgh beat New England at Heinz Field in Week 15 last season just to watch the Pats never lo

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