Referees cost Saints time with wrongly applied runoff after review before halftime – Yardbarker

The referees in Monday night’s New Orleans Saints-Houston Texans game cost the Saints valuable time before halftime with a wrongly applied 10-second runoff. The Saints were down 14-3 and had the ball at their 30 for a 3rd-and-17 with 48 seconds left in the first half. Drew Brees completed a long pass to Michael Thomas near the sideline for a first down. Thomas was down at around 42 seconds. Now here’s where things got cute. The Saints were getting ready for their next play but the referees blew the whistle with 26 seconds left in the half so they could review the catch. The officials reviewed the play and decided the catch ruling was correct. Then they offered the Saints the choice of a 10-second runoff or losing a timeout. The Saints chose the runoff. The problem is the officials ran 10 seconds off from the 26-second mark, which is when they decided to review the play, rather than at the 42-second mark when the play was over. The Saints ended up with a 1st-and-10 at their 47 with 16 seconds left instead of

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