NFL Week 6 matchups: An insiders' guide – Yardbarker

Yardbarker’s Sam Robinson and Michael Nania go deep inside NFL games each week, focusing on key numbers and roster issues.  GLOSSARY: DVOA (Defense-Adjusted Value Over Average): A method of evaluating teams, units or players in a comparative fashion. It takes every play during the NFL season and compares each to a league-average baseline based on situation.  EPA (Estimated Points Added): The measure of a play’s impact on the score of the game. It represents the difference between a team’s “expected points value” (the net point value a team can expect given a particular combination of down, distance and field position) before and after a play.   Net Yards Per Pass Attempt: Passing yards per attempt adjusted for sack yardage.   SCROLL DOWN OR GO TO YOUR GAME:: NYG-New England | Carolina-Tampa | Wash.-Miami | Philly-Minn. | Houston-K.C. | N.O.-Jax | Seattle-Cleve. | Cinc.-Balt. | S.F.-LA Rams | Atlanta-Arizona | Dallas-NYJ | Tenn.-Denver | Pitt.-LAC | Detroit-G.B. THURSDAY N.Y. Giants (2-3) at New England (5-0)

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