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Swindle God. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Whatever term we want to use, veteran quarterback Brock Osweiler has retired from the NFL a rich man. The 28-year-old former Denver Broncos second-round pick announced his departure from the game after seven seasons on Wednesday. He does so after earning a cool $41.4 million in cold hard cash during a career that consisted of 30 regular-season starts. Yes, the breakdown is magnificent. Per win: $2.76 million Per start: $1.4 million Per touchdown: $1.18 million Per passing yard: $5,581.00 You really have to hand it to Mr. Osweiler. He can now enjoy a beautiful retirement after holding a clipboard for most of his career. Remember, this is the same dude that the Houston Texans sold to the Cleveland Browns years back while adding a second-round pick to sweeten the pot. The trickery here was exceptional. Osweiler now rides off into the sunset on a gold horse.

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