Bill Belichick enjoyed celebrating his 300th career win with girlfriend Linda Holliday – Yardbarker

Bill Belichick has created a persona for dealing with the media that has led to the perception that he is a grouch. Despite that persona, we have learned that the guy actually does have fun sometimes. Take for instance how Belichick celebrated his 300th career NFL win, which he achieved in the New England Patriots’ victory over the Cleveland Browns last weekend. Belichick’s girlfriend Linda Holliday shared photos on Instagram of the coach celebrating with balloons, a cake and what appeared to be some bubbly. A post shared by  Linda H Sure, Belichick may bust his players’ chops regularly, but he does enjoy himself from time to time. We even saw him smile during a game this season, although that was for an even better reason. His team’s 8-0 to start the season is giving him plenty of reasons to be happy, although he won’t be truly satisfied until the Patriots win the Super Bowl at the end of the year.

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