Cris Collinsworth made mistake with mention of Dak Prescott’s mom – Yardbarker

Cris Collinsworth probably regrets an error he made while calling the Dallas Cowboys-Minnesota Vikings game on Sunday night. Dak Prescott had thrown a touchdown pass to Michael Gallup in the second quarter, which led Collinsworth and Al Michaels to talk about the Cowboys quarterback’s contract situation. According to Michaels, Prescott told the two that he was not at all worried about his contract situation and would “play for free.” That’s when Collinsworth made a mistake. “He got his mom a house. He’s happy. He said his sponsorships pay for a few other things,” Collinsworth said. Even though the remarks from Collinsworth were flattering, they’re incorrect. Prescott’s mother died of colon cancer in November of 2013 when Dak was in college at Mississippi State. Prescott wasn’t drafted by the Cowboys until 2016. Perhaps Collinsworth got the detail wrong or misspoke. Maybe Prescott bought a house for another family member. The announcer did not mean anything personal or negative, but that was a bad mistake to

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